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Earth Month Entertainment To Watch!

In celebration of Earth month, our Reel Green Provincial partner Netflix and National partner CBC Radio-Canada have shared collections of sustainability focused content to tune into and watch. Learn about the available content and share these titles with your networks...

Sustainable production efforts in British Columbia were formalized 10 years ago through the Reel Green initiative, a resource centre with a collection of best practices to help productions reduce their environmental impacts and improve their overall environmental footprint.

The Reel Green™ initiative is a mainstay at Creative BC and we are looking ahead to the next decade and how we can empower and inspire productions to innovate and implement sustainable production practices, and industry stakeholders to collectively support this effort.  We are prioritizing education, engagement, communications, and resources as we develop a platform for the reduction of environmental impacts and stakeholder engagement at the local level to set an example for other jurisdictions globally.

Canada’s Motion Picture
Climate Action Catalyst

Our Vision

A sustainable and thriving industry with a positive and healthy relationship with our environment and society.

Our Mission

To enable the evolution and implementation of sustainable practices in the motion picture industry to contribute to the betterment of the world.

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Through its operating principals, Reel Green™ promotes an ambitious, non-political vision for sustainable production based on sound scientific understanding, policy and reasonable business for the benefit of the motion picture industry and the international community.

Reel Green™ prioritizes strategic activity, investing all funding in program development and delivery while working with organizations committed to delivery on these terms. Reel Green™ seeks to do this efficiently and with the broadest representation of industry stakeholders as possible.

Reel Green™ is governed by an Advisory Committee made of industry stakeholders who are recognized above as industry contributors. This committee works hand in hand with Creative BC to realize the goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan. The committee meets regularly to monitor the progress of the Reel Green™ program, offer valuable insights and resources, and participate in program objectives.

A Greener Return during COVID-19

We can stay healthy and be green at the same time. Read more about how we can prioritize sustainability while following the recommended COVID-19 Protocols.

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