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BC Arts Council Project Assistance: Literary Arts

Project Assistance: Literary Arts supports professional literary arts organizations in British Columbia to develop and promote Canadian literature and Canadian writers through publishing, presentation, and dissemination of works of literary, artistic, or cultural...

The Audiobook Initiative supports B.C. book publishers in recording audiobooks to reach new global markets and capitalize on this growing industry, which is the fastest growing segment in the digital publishing industry. The initiative was designed with assistance from the Association of Book Publishers of BC (ABPBC).

The Province of British Columbia provided one-time funding for Creative BC to disburse and increase strategic supports for the creative sector.

This funding ensured that B.C. creators from each creative industry received funds with which to innovate. Funding was designed to support regional economic development, creative sector training and strategic partnerships, digital publishing and the growth of B.C.’s digital media companies in computer graphics, animation, mixed and virtual reality, games and other emerging technologies. This additional money was leveraged recipients to seize new opportunities and shape the future of B.C.’s creative sector.

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