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Discover industry contacts, program recipients, productions shooting and more.


2022 Submissions open for DOC NYC Industry Roundtables

Submissions for 2022 are open! Selections will take place in September. DOC NYC’s Industry Roundtables program–formerly known as Only In New York–facilitates face-to-face meetings between leading industry decision-makers and filmmakers with works-in-progress. This...

Our experienced Library + Production Services team works with local and out-of-province producers to give consultations on how productions can successfully shoot in British Columbia.

By utilizing the Creative BC locations library and our knowledge of the industry and province, our team supplies location packages, referrals, and information as needed to assist in the growth and stability of the industry. All services are provided free of charge.


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Location Library

Hosted by Creative BC, the proprietary digital locations library offers A World of Looks™ and B.C.’s talented crews can take you anywhere your storyline desires.


Production Infrastructure + Resources

The scale and longevity of motion picture production in B.C. place it at the forefront of industry evolution as one of the world’s most groundbreaking jurisdictions.


Locations 101

Resources for filming on location in B.C.


Permitting + Support

Information, contacts and resources for acquiring permits in B.C.


Safety Considerations

Sustaining a safe film industry in B.C.


BC Environments

B.C. climate, weather and regions. 


Discover BC Regions

Resources for filming on location across all of B.C.