In Production

Every week we publish a list of current productions that are shooting, or about to shoot, in British Columbia. The information provided is current as of  May 12th 2015.

  • Please Note:  This list is prepared for information purposes and was gathered from industry sources including productions that register with the Directors Guild of Canada- BC District Council. The inclusion of any company or production in this list does not in any way constitute an endorsement by Creative BC of such company or production and Creative BC does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. The list may not be inclusive of all productions being made in BC such as lifestyle productions, documentaries, or animated projects.

Feature Film
Local Production Company: Giant Maple Film Productions
Exec. Producer(s): Kathleen Kennedy, John Madden, Kristie Macosko, Frank Marshall, Sam Mercer
Co-Producer: Adam Somner
DOP: Janusz Kaminski
PD: Rick Carter
PM: Brendan Ferguson
PC: Nicole Oguchi
LM: Hans Dayal
Sched: Mar 23/15 - Jun 12/15
Tel: 604-637-8898
Local Production Company: JRN Productions BC
Director: Nicolas Powell
Exec. Producer(s): Lindsay Moffat
PM: Ian Smith
PC: Jennifer Pitcher
LM: Amy Barager
ALM: Andrew Marles
Extras: LA Hilts
Production Address: 310-2400 Boundary Road, Burnaby, BC, V5M 3Z3
Sched: Apr 13/15 - May 25/15
Tel: 604-292-8480
Local Production Company: Real Fiction Productions
Director: Kirk Caouette
Exec. Producer(s): John Cassini
Producer: Jacqueline Nguyen, Rick Podd, Ines Eisses, Stuart Mackay-Smith
DOP: Pieter Stathis
PD: Chris Wishart
PM: Jacqueline Nguyen
LM: Tammy Tamkin
SPFX Coord: Brant Mcilroy
Casting: Kara Eide
Sched: May 04/15 - May 29/15
Tel: 778-223-2622
Local Production Company: Woods Productions Canada
Director: Adam Wingard
Exec. Producer(s): Jenny Hinkley
PM: Simon Abbott
PC: Rhona Williscroft
LM: Will Fearn
ALM: Christopher Adams
Sched: Apr 27/15 - Jun 10/15
Tel: 604-381-1006
Local Production Company: Layover Productions BC Inc.
Director: William H Macy
Exec. Producer(s): Keith Kjarvel, Aaron Gilbert
PM: Jennifer Carpenter
PC: Jill McQueen
LM: David Fullerton
ALM: Jonathan Cairns
Extras: Lisa Ratke
Production Address: 100 - 3705 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, BC, V5G 3H3
Sched: Apr 30/15 - May 30/15
Tel: 604-431-0544
Local Production Company: The Shack Film Productions Canada
Exec. Producer(s): Mike Drake
Producer: Gil Netter, Brad Cummings
PM: Christopher Foss
PC: Melyssa Davies
LM: Monty Bannister
ALM: Sean Meade
Production Address: Riverview 2601 Lougheed Highway, Coquitlam, BC
Sched: Jun 08/15 - Jul 29/15
Tel: 604-526-2640
Local Production Company: Center Forward Productions
Director: Justin Lin
Exec. Producer(s): Jeffrey Chernov
PM: Stewart Bethune
PC: Eva Morgan
LM: Ann Goobie
ALM: Paul Giordano
Extras: Andrea Brown
Production Address: 3500 Cornett Road Building K, Vancouver, BC, V5M 2H5
Sched: Jun 25/15 - Oct 01/15
Tel: 604-453-4900
Local Production Company: TCF Vancouver Productions
Director: Tim Miller
Exec. Producer(s): John J. Kelly
PM: Michael Williams
PC: Bliss McDonald
LM: Rino Pace
ALM: Jason Collier, Dan Kuzmenko
Extras: James Forsyth
Production Address: 140A - 555 Brooksbank Avenue Building 9
Production City: North Vancouver
Postal: V7J 3S5
Sched: Mar 23/15 - May 28/15
Tel: 604-983-5442
Digital Feature
Local Production Company: Little Helper Films Inc.
Director: Gil Junger
Exec. Producer(s): Michael Luisi
Producer: Donald Munro
PM: Thierry Tanguy
PC: Andy Hoang, Cassidy Kennedy
LM: Mike Bogdanovic
ALM: Aleksander Stirajs
Extras: Kit Hayward
Production Address: 1600 East Railway Street, North Vancouver, BC, V7J 1B5
Sched: Apr 27/15 - May 24/15
Tel: 604-980-5275
TV Series
CEDAR COVE ~ Season 3
Local Production Company: Cedar Cove (Season 3) Productions
Director: Scott Smith, Neill Fearnley
Exec. Producer(s): Ron French, Steve Harmaty
Producer: Lisa Towers
PM: Chris Rudolph
PC: Nancy Mckenzie
LM: Tracey Renyard
ALM: Dustin Shea, Ryan Kelly
Extras: Sandra Ken Freeman
Production Address: 3171 Lake City Way, Burnaby, BC, V5A 3E3
Sched: Mar 30/15 - Jul 20/15
Tel: 604-421-4687
Local Production Company: Canadian Cobalt Productions
Director: Adam Davidson
Exec. Producer(s): Dave Erickson, Gale Anne Hurd
Producer: Ron French, Craig Forrest
PM: Alexia Droz
PC: Jennifer Aichholz
LM: Dan Carr
ALM: John MacCulloch
Extras: Sandra Ken Freeman
Sched: May 10/15 - Jun 19/15
Tel: 604-431-5502
Local Production Company: Timely IV Productions Inc.
Director: Pat Williams, David Frazee
Exec. Producer(s): Tom Rowe, Simon Barry, Pat Williams
Producer: Holly Redford
PM: Tia Buhl
PC: Ellen MacDonald
LM: Alan Bartolic
ALM: Andrzej Dec-Williams
Extras: Sandra Ken Freeman
Production Address: 2nd Floor, 20 Brooksbank Avenue, North Vancouver, BC, V7J 2B8
Sched: Mar 25/15 - May 23/15
Tel: 604-904-5665
Local Production Company: GEP Girlfriends Inc.
Director: Robbie Duncan McNeill
Exec. Producer(s): Marti Noxon, Meryl Poster, Vicki Iovine, Robbie McNeill
PM: Christina Toy
PC: Almaz Tadege
LM: Ritch Renaud, Ken Brooker
ALM: Jessica Feskun, Shawn Flynn
Production Address: 3500 Cornett Road Building E, Vancouver, BC, V5M 2H5
Sched: Jun 08/15 - Oct 23/15
Tel: 604-453-4830
Local Production Company: Stage 49
Director: John Scott, Holly Dale, Eric Laneuville
Producer: Lily Hui
PM: Doug Brons
PC: Carol Schafer
LM: Heather Vedan
ALM: Bob McQuarrie, James Thompson
Extras: Sandra Ken Freeman
Production Address: 310 - 555 Brooksbank Avenue, Building 10, North Vancouver, BC, V7J 3S5
Sched: Mar 17/15 - Jul 16/15
Tel: 604-983-5151
Local Production Company: Reunion: MITHC Amazon Productions
Exec. Producer(s): Ridley Scott, David Zucker, Frank Spotnitz, Richard Heus
Producer: Erin Smith
PM: Yvonne Melville
PC: Corine Buffel
LM: Mary Jo Beirnes, John Alexander
ALM: Robert Amar, Nicole Chartrand
Extras: James Forsyth
Production Address: 4210 Phillips avenue, Burnaby, BC, V5A 2X2
Sched: Apr 21/15 - Aug 27/15
Tel: 604-566-8320
Local Production Company: Pender Productions Inc.
Director: Sean McNamara, Monika Mitchell
Exec. Producer(s): Tom Berry, Sheryl J. Anderson, Dean Batali
Producer: Gilles Laplante
PM: Matt Drake
PC: Crystal Remmey
LM: Neil Robertson
ALM: Jason Traversy, Dana Olson
Extras: Laurie Pavon-Solis
Production Address: 200-3689 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V5M 1C2
Sched: Apr 29/15 - Jul 13/15
Tel: 778-379-0919
Local Production Company: X-Files TV Productions Limited
Director: Chris Carter
PM: Genevieve Bridges
PC: Judith Swan
LM: Casey Nelson-Zutter
ALM: Jendrek Kowalski, Kris Kadzielski
Extras: Lisa Ratke
Sched: Jun 08/15 - Aug 30/15
Tel: 604-983-5111
Local Production Company: ACTR Productions
Producer: Harvey Kahn
PM: Michele Futerman
PC: Emma Peterson, Lukasz Madziag
LM: Jack Veldhuis
ALM: TJ Rumpel
Extras: Sara Brown
Production Address: 1950 Franklin Street, Vancouver, BC, V5L 1R2
Sched: May 19/15 - Jun 04/15
Tel: 604-257-4720
Local Production Company: Christmas Wish Productions Inc.
Director: Amanda Tapping
Exec. Producer(s): Oliver De Caigny
PM: Navid Soofi
PC: Matthew Santoro
LM: Sean Cummings
ALM: Sean Grant
Extras: LA Hilts
Production Address: 2963 Lake City Way, Burnaby, BC, V5A 2Z6
Sched: May 04/15 - May 23/15
Tel: 778-927-1280
Local Production Company: Truce Production
Director: Brian Skiba
Exec. Producer(s): Devi Singh
PM: Barbara Chisholm
PC: Barbara Chisholm
LM: Shafik Chernovsky
ALM: Ken Poole
Extras: Laurie Pavon-Solis
Production Address: 2400 Boundary Road, Burnaby, BC, V5M 3Z3
Sched: May 26/15 - Jun 10/15
Tel: 604-292-5070
Local Production Company: Cradle of Lies Productions
Director: David Winning
Producer: Devi Singh, Kirk Shaw
PM: Mel Weisbaum
PC: Mary Sparacio
LM: Terry Hayes
ALM: CJ Miko
Extras: Laurie Pavon-Solis
Production Address: 100-4940 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC, V5G 3T2
Sched: May 19/15 - Jun 13/15
Tel: 778-379-6070
Local Production Company: MBF Productions Inc.
Director: Savage Holland
Exec. Producer(s): Scott McAboy
PM: Wayne Bennett
PC: Kathleen Whelan
LM: Abraham Fraser
ALM: Michael LeGresley
Production Address: 110-555 Brooksbank Avenue Building 10, North Vancouver, BC, V7J 3S5
Sched: May 25/15 - Jun 12/15
Tel: 604-983-5211
Local Production Company: Audrina Road Productions
Director: Michael Rohl
Exec. Producer(s): Harvey Kahn
PM: John Prince
PC: Jim Mckeown
LM: Karen Zajac
ALM: Ken Meisenbacher
Extras: Sara Brown
Production Address: 1950 Franklin Street, Vancouver, BC, V5L 1R2
Sched: May 11/15 - Jun 01/15
Tel: 604-929-1571
Local Production Company: SSD MOW2 Productions (BC)
Director: Kevin Fair
Producer: Harvey Kahn
PM: Catherine Kretz
PC: Yale Kussin
LM: Dan McWilliams
ALM: Charmaine Tam
Extras: Sara Brown
Production Address: 1950 Franklin Street, Vancouver, BC, V5L 1R2
Sched: May 13/15 - Jun 03/15
Tel: 604-257-4720
Local Production Company: Plum Productions Inc.
Director: Kristoffer Tabori
Producer: Harvey Kahn
PM: Jamie Lake
PC: Yale Kussin
LM: Nancy Larman
ALM: Warren Fulton
Extras: Sara Brown
Production Address: 1950 Franklin Street, Vancouver, BC, V5L 1R2
Sched: May 11/15 - May 31/15
Tel: 604-257-4720
Local Production Company: Bay Road Productions
Director: Brian Roberts
Producer: Harvey Kahn
PM: Allen Lewis
PC: Pam Giles
LM: Michael Farias
ALM: Kelsey Fonda
Extras: Sara Brown
Production Address: 1950 Franklin Street, Vancouver, BC, V5L 1R2
Sched: May 19/15 - Jun 11/15
Tel: 604-662-6723
Local Production Company: WH TV Productions
Director: Michael Scott
Exec. Producer(s): Jonathan Schwartz
Producer: Robert Lee
PM: Darcy Wild
LM: Shane Lennox
ALM: Kassandra Schmidt
Production Address: 22366 119th Street, Maple Ridge, BC, V2X 2Z3
Sched: May 19/15 - May 30/15
Tel: 604-476-2410
Local Production Company: Young Rich Productions 2 Inc.
Director: Penelope Buitenhuis
Exec. Producer(s): Gilles Laplante
Producer: Costa Vassos
PM: Costa Vassos
PC: Stephanie Brodsky
LM: Richard Greenhalgh
Extras: LA Hilts
Production Address: 407 - 1112 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 2S1
Sched: May 25/15 - Jun 11/15
Tel: 604-873-1100