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DAVE Tax Credit Update

Jun 4, 2015 | Motion Picture Tax Credits

As part of BC Budget 2015, the Province of British Columbia expanded the DAVE tax credit to include post-production activities.  This enhancement applies to productions which began principal photography after February 28, 2015.

Creative BC has received the new regulations concerning which post-production activities are eligible and not eligible under the enhanced DAVE tax credit. According to the amended BC Film and Television Tax Credit Regulation, prescribed digital post-production activities are post-production activities carried out primarily with digital technology, but DO NOT include the following:

(a) prescribed digital animation or visual effects activities referred to in section 10 (2) of this regulation;

(b) re-shooting of scenes;

(c) mass duplication of video recordings;

(d) activities relating to promotional material for the production

Please find attached links to the relevant sections of the BC Income Tax Act that pertain to these new regulations.