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PSTC Pre-assessments August 2021

Aug 18, 2021 | Motion Picture Tax Credits

PSTC General Eligibility Rules are outlined in the PSTC Summary and required support documents are listed in the PSTC Checklist.

Following a tax credit application portal transmission, PSTC applicants receive a pre-assessment email outlining what is required for the pre-assessment stage.

The PSTC application is added to the review queue when the pre-assessment stage is complete, meaning that all items listed in the pre-assessment email have been successfully addressed.

Note: pre-assessment is not the analyst’s review. Further questions, clarifications, and documents may be required for the accreditation certificate review. Please contact us for any questions.

Also Note: pre-assessment is not pre-certification. Applying for a PSTC accreditation certificate requires: 1) pre-certification 2) pre-assessment 3) accreditation. Pre-certification is completed with the online registration form. Pre-assessment and accreditation are completed via the online portal application transmission and any emails that follow from Creative BC.  Please contact us for any questions.