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Important Message for Production Services Tax Credit Applicants

Dec 21, 2021 | Motion Picture Tax Credits, News

Productions that incur their first BC labour expenditure on or after July 1, 2020 must submit a pre-certification form through the Creative BC website within 60 days after incurring the first accredited BC labour expenditure. Once the pre-certification number is issued, the production corporation may apply to Creative BC to receive an accreditation certificate for the production.

If a production company submits their pre-certification form after the 60-day period, BC labour expenditures incurred prior to submitting the form will not be eligible for the PSTC. For example, if a company files their pre-certification form 75 days after their first accredited BC labour expenditure, they will not be eligible to claim any labour expenditures that occurred within those 75 days. This in turn would reduce the production services tax credit received by the production company.

Production companies are encouraged to apply for their tax credit certificates as early as possible. We strongly recommend production companies submit their accreditation certificate application to Creative BC within 12 months of the corporation’s taxation year end. This is because we may require 6 months to process certificate applications. We are unable to guarantee that applications filed later will be processed in time for the production company to file with the CRA before the deadline, which may result in denied claims.