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Clean Energy Toolkit and Resource Maps

Dec 13, 2022 | Clean Energy, Reel Green

Developed by the Clean Energy Committee, the Clean Energy Toolkit supports implementation of clean energy sources to reduce the motion picture industry’s consumption of fossil fuels.

The Toolkit is an evolving resource that orients, engages, and services B.C.’s motion picture industry as it undertakes to move from fossil fuel consumption to alternative power sources that do not involve the use of fossil fuels. Alternative, greener power sources (“clean energy”) are renewable or lower emission sources that reduce environmental impacts.

Who is the toolkit for?

  • On the Ground Crew
  • Property Owners, Managers, Liaisons
  • Municipalities, Investors, and the Public

Within the Clean Energy Toolkit, the Clean Energy Committee developed two different Resource Maps to help encourage film productions to use clean energy when available: one for collecting generator parking locations and one for sharing grid power tie-in sourcesThe mapping system is easy to use and accessible through an interactive database.  


Sharing Information

The Grid Power Access Map shares the availability of existing permanent and temporary alternative power sources (i.e. electrical tie-ins or camlock boxes) in the Lower Mainland. The map also tracks sites identified as a priority for future clean power installations. Crew on the ground are encouraged to submit locations with existing power sources directly through the form on the map.  

View the Map 


Collecting Information

The Generator Data Collection Map collects and displays generator parking locations in British Columbia to identify areas that would benefit most from alternative power sources. Location teams are asked to report generator use for filming in all municipalities.  

View the Map  


For more information on the maps, and to download the Clean Energy Toolkit, visit our website

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