Motion Picture Production Support

  • With the location library as a base resource, Creative BC Film Services provides complete script breakdown services for Features, TV Series, Pilots and Movies of the Week. Based upon production and script requirements, Creative BC may provide location scouts to accompany producers and directors around the province in search of suitable locations.

  • Creative BC's Motion Picture services staff have broad experience in film location management and understand the challenges and rewards of location filming.

    They can provide expertise and support, helping troubleshoot unique issues that may arise on location.

  • Tax Credit Zone Map [PDF] - 2038KB

    For productions that started principal photography ON or AFTER January 25, 2017.
    • When filming anywhere the general public may be affected by production activities, proper notification is to be provided to those directly affected (this includes parking, base camps and filming areas).

      General Courtesies

      • Producers, cast and crew will follow the provisions of their motion picture production permit at all times. A copy of the permit must be on location at all times.
      • Filming only takes place during the times listed on the permit unless extensions are granted.
      • Pedestrians should always be treated with courtesy and not be obstructed at any time unless stipulated in the permit.
      • All cables and similar items are to be channeled neatly and safely.
      • Producers must notify the public in writing whenever production activities may directly affect or disrupt their daily lives. The notice must include the name of the company, working title of the project, production type (e.g. feature, MOW, TV series) and a brief description of the activity. It also must include a clear account of the date and time of disruption.
      • All catering, construction, strike and personal trash must be removed from the location.
      • Locations must be left in original condition.
      • Removing or cutting signs or plants from any public or private location is not allowed.
      •  Production vehicles must not arrive before the time stipulated on the permit, should arrive one at a time, and should turn their engines off as soon as possible.
      • Cast and crew vehicles are not covered by the location-filming permit and must use designated parking areas only.
      • Production vehicles shall not block driveways or gated access without permission.
      • Vehicles shall not display signs, posters or pictures that the public may find offensive or objectionable (i.e. material containing vulgar language or sexual content).
      • Crew cannot move a private vehicle to accommodate filming or parking, without permission of the owner. If a vehicle is parked in a restricted area, the appropriate authority will remove it.
    • Crew

      • Cannot trespass on private property. They must remain within the boundaries of the property that has been permitted for filming.
      • Cannot drink alcohol on public property.
      • Must be served their meals, and eat, in the designated areas.
      • Must follow smoking restrictions and always leave cigarettes butts in the appropriate containers.
      • Shall keep noise as low as possible at all times and refrain from using lewd or improper language.
      • Shall wear appropriate clothing for example, T-shirts with offensive slogans are not acceptable – and comply with appropriate employee safety regulations.
      • Will wear a production pass, as required.
      • Will not bring guests or pets to the location, without advance permission.

      Thank you for honouring this Code of Conduct.

      Failure to comply can result in disciplinary action by the government authority, production company, union, guild or association.