Apply Online - Tax Credits


We’ve launched a brand-new application portal for the provincial FIBC and PSTC programs. Read more below about new features and helpful hints in navigating the new system.

Our data migration to the new online Tax Credit Application Portal is complete. All previously submitted tax credit applications are available for viewing in the new portal. If you have any concerns regarding your previously submitted tax credit applications, feel free to contact us at

Thanks for working with us!

Your friends at Creative BC

  • You can create an account for your company and add users as needed. This means that all users on an account can access, view and edit the same applications. To request access to a shared account, follow these steps:

    1. Do you have an existing account? If so, you’ll be the main contact on this new account.
    2. Does the new user have an existing account? If not, please create one on our portal.
    3. To request access, the main user from step 1 can send an authorization e-mail to with this information:
    • Subject: Add User to Account of Name of Company
    • Body of e-mail: Name of Company, E-mail address/ first name/ last name/ phone number of new user (from Step 2)
    1. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail from once this is complete.

    Note: every user on the account will have access to applications where changes have been made after the effective date listed on your confirmation e-mail.

  • We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser to access the portal. Google Chrome is most compatible with this portal and the latest version can be downloaded here.

  • For technical support, please send an e-mail to with the following details:

    • Subject: Technical support request;
    • Application number; 
    • A screenshot where applicable;
    • Section of the application;
    • The category of the issue (i.e. a, b or c as defined below)
    1. Confusing prompts;
    2. Formatting errors;
    3. Bugs (ie. an error/fault/failure that produces an incorrect or unexpected result or unintended behaviour).
    • Brief explanation – include the steps that you did that led to the issue, where applicable. That way we can reproduce and address it.