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The New Jerusalem Project

Mar 3, 2020 | Funding Recipient

The New Jerusalem Project is a full length album and Christian Rock Musical.

For the musical production, the duo of  Thomas Hogge + Miles Foxx Hill. brought together a top tier team of professional musicians, dancers and visual effects artists to bring Hogge’s story-rich songs to the stage.

The production features musical talent from Randall Stoll, Tim Porter, Miles Black, Tom Arntzen, Olaf DeShield, Robbie Steininger, Glenda Rae, Darlene Ketchum, Brett Wade, Marla Torgerson, Laura Doyle, Campbell Ryga, Mike Herriott, Rod Murray, Tom Keenlyside and Cameron Wilson.

This musical integrates high-tech visuals into a breath-taking live stage performance. The music, lyrics, and performance by a full stage ensemble with a powerful horn section. Professional musicians such as Bob Ruggiero, Miles Foxx Hill, Tony Davich and Glenda Rae have participated in this project.

Upcoming Live Performances

Oct 2, 2018: The Gateway Church Abbotsford

November 29, 2018: The Evergreen Cultural Centre Coquitlam

December 21, 2018: Michael J Fox Theatre Burnaby


Creative BC is proud to support The New Jerusalem Project as part of the BC Music Fund’s Sound Recording Program.