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REEL Earth Day Challenge – Spring 2022 Update

In the 2022 REEL Earth Day Challenge, the BC film industry came together and raised $108,860 to support the Metro Vancouver Regional Parks. Together, with the help of sponsors and production teams, we helped fund 7 transformational projects.   The Reel Earth Day...

Here you will find resources and tools created by Reel Green™ and industry to facilitate and implement best practices on motion picture productions in British Columbia.

Clean Energy Toolkit

Developed by the Clean Energy Committee, the Clean Energy Toolkit supports implementation of clean energy sources to reduce the motion picture industry consumption of fossil fuels.

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What's in the toolkit

Clean Energy Toolkit Grid Power
An introduction to grid power and how it can be integrated to replace traditional diesel generators.

Clean Energy Terminology
Be empowered to join the conversation by familiarizing yourself with common clean energy terminology.

Clean Energy Resource Maps One-Sheet
An introduction to the Grid Power Access and Generator Data Collection maps.  The PDF includes links and QR codes for both resources and can be printed or shared digitally for easy access anywhere.

    • Grid Power Access Map
      Shares the availability of existing alternative power sources in the Lower Mainland as well as sites identified as a priority for future clean power. Users are encouraged to submit locations with existing clean energy sources directly through the form on the map.
    • Generator Data Collection Map
      Collects and displays generator parking locations in the Lower Mainland to identify areas that would benefit most from alternative power sources.

Carbon Calculator

Derived from one of the motion picture industry’s leading carbon calculators, albert, Reel Green™  has adapted a free carbon calculator for productions in B.C.

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What is the Carbon Calculator?

Derived from one of the motion picture industry’s leading carbon calculators, albert, Reel Green™ has adapted a carbon calculator for British Columbia, for free, for productions in B.C. to use.

Calculating the carbon footprint of your production is an important step in understanding the impact of film production. Having consistent data and metrics from the industry can help organizations like Reel Green understand priority areas for sustainable practices as well as help productions understand and measure their carbon impact.

Additionally, with more available data points we can also derive economic benefits of going green on production!

Watch a video overview of how the calculator works.

Please see the useful links below for help with the new albert toolkit:

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Green Vendors

View, search and submit organizations and suppliers providing environmentally sustainable solutions.

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