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Dey Rose

Apr 25, 2020 | Funding Recipient

Singer-songwriter Dey Rose, originally from Pampanga and Baguio City in the Philippines, but who has since called Vancouver home—has crafted a heady musical fusion buoyed mainly by her sweet and nuanced singing. The Career Development program supported the partial recording of Rose's 6 song bilingual debut EP, Panting Heart, the music video production of 2 songs, and an official lyric video. 

Released under Lilystars Records, debut Panting Heart, is a trove of beautiful paradoxes: a lust-for-life vibrance countered by downtrodden poetry, a sunny optimism crossed with hands-up surrender, and easy-listening instrumentation with tasteful virtuoso chops. Rose states, "I've been able to expand my technical and creative team in the recording and video industry, as well as expand the pool of musicians that I can now work alongside with."

In her work, Dey Rose brings with her not just family history and the panache of the accidental pancontinental, but also technique, having been schooled in music theory, operatic singing, and audio engineering. Dey Rose released her latest single “Hurricane” on September 17th after the experimental Tagalog release, "Mahiwagang Tsubibo."