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Motion Picture Industry Workers now Eligible for Priority Online Work Permit Processing

Oct 7, 2020 | News, Uncategorized

Workers in the film and television industry who apply for their Canadian work permit online from abroad are now eligible for priority processing (14-day service) if they self-identify as part of the film and television industry:
Though COVID-19 has posed challenges, IRCC remains committed to facilitating travel and maintaining high standards of client service while protecting the health and safety of Canadians. As part of this commitment, workers in the film and television industry entering Canada from outside the United States, or those entering from the United States who require a TRV, are eligible for priority processing. Where operationally possible, offices are encouraged to prioritize these work permit applications for eligible applicants within the 14-day priority service standard that has been established.
To be eligible for priority processing, foreign nationals must:
  • submit an initial work permit application online to work within the film and television industry;
  • apply from outside Canada and the United States, or apply from the United States and require a TRV; and
  • self-identify as a film and television industry worker after submitting their work permit application by sending a request via the IRCC Web form.
Foreign nationals should write exactly the following (along with any other pertinent information) in the “Your enquiry” section of their Web form request in order for the Client Experience Branch to identify requests and distribute them to the appropriate office for priority processing:
“COVID-19 film & tv industry – Requesting priority processing for Film & TV Industry workers due to COVID-19”
Identifying requests that are eligible for priority processing may require an estimated 5 days to complete. As such, expedited processing timelines will only begin once the applicant has received confirmation that their application has been identified for priority processing.