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WIA Vancouver Master Class: A day in the life of an animation art director

Dec 15, 2020 | News




In Vancouver’s burgeoning animation and visual effects industries, art direction has been identified as one of the most in-demand skills by employers in top companies. WIA Vancouver and the YMA are combining forces to present an intensive workshop for women with a background in animation who wish to explore the field and gain a better understanding of what it takes to build a career as an animation art director.?

Over two full days of training, a juried group of approximately 6-8 women animators, illustrators, designers, story board designers, comic book illustrators, visual effects artists, game artists, concept artists will take part in a series of workshops led by the industry’s very best professional mentors and inspired by a high-profile guest expert. The 2 day masterclass is designed to give an in-depth look at what is involved in being an Art Director as well as the creative process and responsibilities surrounding the job.?

Intensive hands-on classes providing an overview of the role of the art director in visual development, design, shape language, texture, light, colour, script and compositing in 2G and CG animation. Further sessions will look at qualifications, management skills, leadership skills, and other qualities such as adaptability, communications and creativity needed to thrive in a team oriented environment in which the art director plays a key role. Role Playing will be utilized in helping to understand the scope of the role with clients and stake holders. Participants will explore different career paths that lead to a coveted position as an animation art director and what the outlook is for work in the field.