Robin Macabulos

Coordinator, Funding Programs
Robin joined the Creative BC team as Funding Programs Coordinator in August 2021 to support the administration of book and magazine publishing, interactive and digital media, and motion picture industry funding programs. He comes from a background in film where early on in his career, gained years of coordinating experience working as a Production Coordinator on various international co-productions and features.
Prior to joining Creative BC, Robin worked for Front Street Pictures Inc. and previously supported research, strategy, and policy initiatives such as the BC Motion Picture Industry Below-the-Line Market study 2019 at Notio Media Inc.
Outside of his work at Creative BC, He is also an independent film producer that focuses on telling Filipino driven stories with some of his work having been selected at the DOXA Documentary Film Festival, Hawaii International Film Festival, Whistler Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, and the Story to Action program.