• About Reel Green

    We believe that Sustainable Production is the future of filmmaking!


    A sustainable and thriving industry with a positive and healthy relationship with our environment and society.


    To enable the evolution and implementation of sustainable practices in the motion picture industry to contribute to the betterment of the world.

    Sustainable production efforts in British Columbia were formalized 10 years ago through the Reel Green initiative, a resource centre with a collection of best practices to help productions reduce their environmental impacts and improve their overall environmental footprint.

    The Reel Green initiative is a mainstay at Creative BC and we are looking ahead to the next decade and how we can empower and inspire productions to innovate and implement sustainable production practices, and industry stakeholders to collectively support this effort.  We are prioritizing education, engagement, communications and resources as we develop a platform for the reduction of environmental impacts and stakeholder engagement at the local level to set an example for other jurisdictions globally.

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    Reel Green Industry contributors

    Programming for and strategic direction of the Reel Green Initiative is made possible by industry contributors:

  • Carbon Literacy Courses

    Get trained for FREE! Find out more...

    Reel Green will be offering free carbon literacy courses to all industry members as part of our commitment to reducing environmental impact.

    Reel Green's goal is to have every member of the industry take part in this course

    Learn more on how you can take part in the upcoming courses and what discover what carbon literacy is all about.

  • Sustainable Lockup

    A collaborative space to enable sustainable production in entertainment.

    Green Spark Group and Keep it Green Recycling are partnering to provide a service to store and reuse set materials that can then be donated to future productions, charities and film schools.


    Items accepted:
    Flats • Plywood • Doors • Windows • Wood • Carpet • Linoleum • Any reuseable items

    Sustainable Lockup will be celebrating its one year on May 15th! The initiative is excited to continue working with the BC motion picture industry for a sustainable future. To schedule your drop-off or pickup, please email:

  • Reel Green Ambassadors

    Reel Green Ambassadors are committed individuals who support the Reel Green mission.


    The intention of the Reel Green program is to engage those in the motion picture industry as we work toward our mission to enable the evolution and implementation of sustainable practices. Sustainable production is a journey and we need committed individuals to help us work toward the Reel Green mission, mitigate negative environmental impacts on productions and advocate  the importance of implementing sustainable production best practices to address the challenge of climate change.