2016 Sustainable Production Forum Recap

The Sustainable Production Forum was the first-of-its-kind in North America at a major film festival. Sustainable production is the future of filmmaking and the Vancouver International Film Festival was a wonderful platform to showcase this.

There was an amazing line up of speakers including: Mayor Gregor Robertson, X-Files director Chris Carter, the sustainability executives from major studios in Los Angeles, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), Creative BC, the World Bank’s Connect4Climate, sustainability practitioners in New York (Earth Angel) and BC (Keep it Green Recycling and Green Spark Group) and the Vancouver Economic Commission and the green economy. There was even a training session at lunch to help those on set implement recycling systems, understand the supply chain and learn how to reduce greenhouse gas emission. It was a great day!

In case you missed it, the videos of the sessions are below.

Keynote: The Sustainable Production Future

Introduction: Mayor Gregor Robertson

Keynote Speaker: Chris Carter, award winning writer, producer, director, creator of The X-Files.

Watch The X-Files Green Production video clip.

How has the industry shifted and what is the future of sustainable production?

Session 1: Sustainability at the Studios

Meet the players from the major studios in Hollywood and hear their perspective on sustainable production and why it matters.

Session 2: The Big Picture - Global Leadership on Sustainable Production

Creative centers around the world are incorporating sustainable production strategies into their programs and projects, and focusing on educating and connecting stakeholders to leverage collective action.

Session 3: Sustainable Production 101 Training

How to set up recycling systems on set, tips on green material sourcing, and implementing strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Session 4: Walking the Talk - Sustainable Production in Action

Celebrating its 10th year Creative BC’s Reel Green Initiative is growing stronger. Learn from New York and Vancouver practitioners on how to integrate sustainable production strategies on any show.

Session 5: Myth Busting Common Misconceptions

Hear about what is and isn’t possible in the quest for more sustainable production. Think you can’t eat healthy on set? Think nobody wants your used construction materials? Think again!