About the Pre-Certification Process

Effective September 24, 2019, Creative BC launched the new PSTC pre-certification and registration on-line form as a preliminary step for all NEW PSTC applications.
Within 60 days after a project's start-date-of-work in B.C., applicants will now need to complete a simple pre-certification form to obtain a project registration number that will be used in the Production Services Tax Credit application.
There is no fee for pre-certification registration. The information collected through this form will be used for competitive insights, volume forecasting and service preparation.
The following information is intended to clarify requirements for projects at various stages of activity:
  • If your production has already filed a PSTC application with Creative BC (before September 24, 2019), you will NOT be required to register for pre-certification of the current project that is under way.
  • If your production has started work in B.C. already, and you have not submitted a PSTC application, your project will have until October 31st, 2019 to register for pre-certification.
  • If your production has not started work in B.C., your project will have to submit for pre-certification by October 31, 2019 OR within 60 days of the project’s start-date-of-work in B.C., whichever date is the later.
For more information view the form and the FAQs below or contact our Tax Credit team at .