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REEL Earth Day Challenge – Summer 2022 Update

Through the 2022 #ReelEarthDayChallenge, the BC film industry came together and fully funded seven projects in Metro Vancouver Regional Parks. These projects, spearheaded by the incredible Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Foundation (MVRPF), are deep underway and have...

The Power Tie-ins Program is a new granting program delivered by Creative BC for Reel Green™’s Clean Energy Committee. The Committee is investing up to $2,500 in electric grid tie-in projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in high volume filming areas. The tie-in projects will enable film crews to tie-in to electric power grids, thereby reducing the use of diesel-fueled generators on film sets.

For every single day that a production replaces a diesel fueled generator with a power tie-in to clean electric energy, production will save approximately 350 litres of diesel fuel and reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 938.35 kg CO2e/Day.

Open for applications

EXTENDED – March 1, 2023

The Clean Energy Committee will work closely with stakeholders to achieve sustainability goals and provide more access to grid tie-ins to reduce the industry’s reliance on diesel generators.

The fund is available to the following applicants:

  • Local governments
  • Indigenous governments
  • Not-for-profit organizations working in collaboration with Indigenous or local governments
  • For-profit organizations working in collaboration with Indigenous or local governments
  • Industry Partners

Read more in the Power Tie-Ins Guidelines below.

For all inquiries
Email: cleanenergy (at) creativebc.com

Downloads + Forms

Reel Green™ Power Tie-Ins Guidelines FY2022/2023
Reel Green™ Power Tie-Ins Application Form FY2022/2023
Reel Green™ Clean Energy Consumption Calculator
Grid Power, Electric Vehicle, Measurement

Contact us | reelgreen@creativebc.com

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