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REEL Earth Day Challenge – Summer 2022 Update

Through the 2022 #ReelEarthDayChallenge, the BC film industry came together and fully funded seven projects in Metro Vancouver Regional Parks. These projects, spearheaded by the incredible Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Foundation (MVRPF), are deep underway and have...

Developed by the Clean Energy Committee, the Clean Energy Toolkit supports implementation of clean energy sources to reduce the motion picture industry’s consumption of fossil fuels.

The Toolkit is an evolving resource that orients, engages, and services B.C.’s motion picture industry as it undertakes to move from fossil fuel consumption to alternative power sources that do not involve the use of fossil fuels. Alternative, greener power sources (“clean energy”) are renewable or lower emission sources that reduce environmental impacts.

Who is the toolkit for?
On the Ground Crew
Film crew who choose, schedule, or can influence power source decisions for a production. The toolkit empowers crew to ask the right questions in a timely manner about accessing clean energy. Thinking outside the box will elevate our opportunities to provide short-term solutions when on location.
Property Owners, Managers, Liaisons
Owners and decision-makers who can become part of the solution by considering installation and provision of access to clean energy options for productions. The toolkit informs choices that can not only help productions to achieve clean energy goals, but also to serve the sustainability goals of many stakeholders in the location or property.
Municipalities, Investors, and the Public
Businesses, organizations and staff who are interested in improved environmental practices and services relative to their city and/or to film production. The toolkit is supportive of any individual or group who would like to support the initiative by educating, investing, and/or advocating along with our industry to collaborate in a switch to cleaner power sources.
What’s in the toolkit?
Grid Power Resources


    1. Grid Power Introduction – An introduction to grid power and how it can be integrated to replace traditional diesel generators. Understand how to open the conversation about tying into the grid for power at a location or collaborate to upgrade the location for temporary or permanent access to high power capacity that’s electric. Grid power is the electrical network that generates and distributes electricity across a large area.
    2. Terminology Guide – Be empowered to join the conversation by familiarizing yourself with common clean energy terminology. Use it to quickly learn a short list of buzz words, terms and definitions related to power sources, power equipment, people who work with power on a film production, and some basic terms to tie it all together.

Grid Power Tools

    1. Resource Maps One Sheet – An introduction to the Grid Power Access and Generator Data Collection maps. The PDF includes links and QR codes for both resources and can be printed or shared digitally for easy access anywhere.
    2. Map 1: Grid Power Access Map  – Shares the availability of existing alternative power sources in the Lower Mainland as well as sites identified as a priority for future clean power. Users are encouraged to submit locations with existing clean energy sources directly through the form on the map.
    3. Map 2: Generator Data Collection Map – Collects and displays generator parking locations in the Lower Mainland to identify areas that would benefit most from alternative power sources.
Electric Vehicle Resources

Get Involved One Sheet – A roundup of ways to educate yourself about electric vehicle use, charging locations, and more with tips for promoting electric vehicle use on your next production.

Measurement Tool + Free Training
  1. Consumption Calculator
    Calculating the potential benefits for installing a film specific power kiosk can be daunting. There are hundreds of variables on a film set that effect the amount of power being used and estimating how much is being consumed can be complicated. Use this Consumption Calculator to understand power impacts.

  2. Get Certified – Training courses are available and free for industry members. The Carbon Calculator is a production’s best tool to understand impacts of current practices and challenge the status quo with big and small changes that make a real difference to greenhouse gas emissions. Power source choices have huge impacts – start measuring your productions now to get baseline data before change and after making changes. Your use of the calculator is not just to measure progress but also to provide useful research and data that will tell us more about which actions have the greatest impacts. Learn more
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