Register Your Property in BC’s Location Database

It is easy and free to register your home, office or property.
  • It is a tough audition - only a small number of locations considered are selected for filming, but it is worth the effort. The first step is to create a digital "photofile" of your property – a virtual tour in pictures. The following Photofile Guidelines describe the process for documenting a residential property. Please follow these guidelines for all property types you wish to register, as the same principles apply for effective documentation.

    Read through the Photofile Guidelines below in preparation to submit your property.

  • Choose the MEDIUM setting on your camera; image size needs to be minimum 500KB.

    Photograph your property using the widest shots possible.  Pan shots are preferable between 40 - 160 degrees.  Most iPhones have pan sizing capability built in.

    • Start with the outside of your house.
    • Shoot your neighbourhood street looking both ways.
    • Take a wide shot of the house, driveway and yard.
    • Take a wide shot of the back yard and back of house.
    • Next shoot the inside of the house one room at a time.
    • Pay attention to any special features (bay windows, indoor pool, stairway).
    • Try to duplicate the experience of someone arriving at the location walking through the building.
    • Stand on one side of the room you are photographing and take a picture.
    • Next, take a "reverse" shot by walking over to the opposite side of the room and take a photograph of the area in which you were just standing.
    • Show entrances in your photos if possible.

    PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept images submitted in PowerPoint or any other format other than individual JPEG files. We also do not currently accept video.