Location Library + Web Packages

Enabling filmmakers to experience BC’s incredible and diverse locations.
  • Reel-Scout is Creative BC’s on-line digital location library maintained and administered by Creative BC and funded by the Province of British Columbia. The most comprehensive database of its kind, our location library helps showcase A World of Looks,TM marketing BC as a film destination, and directly supports the ongoing success of British Columbia’s motion picture industry. A small sampling of images are available on our website in the World of Looks TM  Public Gallery

    With more than 21,000 locations (470,000 images) on file, Creative BC Production Services team and film industry location managers and scouts use the library to create location packages based on production’s creative needs. Creative BC also offers location surveys and ongoing production and location support.



    If you are a residential or business property owner in British Columbia, you may directly register your property for inclusion in the library and should it be of interest, you will be contacted directly by the production company. There is no cost to list your property with Creative BC.

    For further information about motion picture production, what to expect and best practices, see our Filming in Your Community section of our web site.

  • Residential and business property owners around the Province have registered in Creative BC’s digital library Reel-Scout with the expectation that they will experience a professional level of expertise, security and reasonable revenue from the film industry.

    In the best interest of protecting the security of their properties, Creative BC’s on-line digital library (Reel-Scout) is only available to established BC film and television location professionals, such as Location Managers and Scouts, employed on a current project in British Columbia.

    Upon approval, Location Mangers and Scouts must sign a ‘Terms of Use’ Agreement and receive one-on-one training before being assigned a username and password for access to the Reel-Scout Library. Approval is at the discretion of Creative BC and can be revoked at any time without notice.

    If you meet the criteria, please contact Mike Jamont, 604-730-2246  or