Location Library Database Policy

Residential and business property owners around the Province have registered in Creative BC’s digital library Reel-Scout with the expectation that they will experience a professional level of expertise, security and reasonable revenue from the film industry.

In the best interest of protecting the security of their properties, Creative BC’s on-line digital library, Reel-Scout, is only available to experienced film and television location professionals, such as location managers and scouts, employed on a current motion picture, television series or commercial project.

All location professionals must come into our office and sign a ‘Terms of Use’ Agreement before being assigned a username and password for access to the Reel-Scout Library. Users are required to be set-up and trained on package creation and export by our library coordinator in order for their accounts to remain active after leaving Creative BC.

If you meet the criteria, please contact Mike Jamont, 604-730-2246  or