Music + Sound Recording

  • BC is the third largest centre for music production in Canada (after Ontario and Quebec) and has a large and diverse talent pool of artists who are known for producing all genres of music including pop, rock, classical, blues, folk and jazz. Many internationally recognized musicians such as Bryan Adams, Sarah McLachlan, Nickelback and Dianna Krall began their careers in BC and some of these artists still record here.


    There are an estimated 6,425 artists in the province which includes 5,825 singers or musicians and 600 conductors, composers and arrangers.The majority (76%) live in the Lower Mainland, followed by Vancouver Island (12%). Their most important source of revenue is from live performances (39%) followed by sound recordings and merchandise sales (each ranked at 18%).


    Businesses that serve and represent the many artists and artist entrepreneurs in the industry include independent record labels, sound recording studios, and those that serve live music such as producers, promoters, venue operators and ticket agents, managers and music publishers. Overall, the music industry in BC is comprised of small companies (less than five employees) with the majority (72%) located in the Lower Mainland followed by Vancouver Island (14%). 

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    For more information, refer to Music Canada's industry report published in 2016.