The Innovation program supports innovative projects, platforms and services that address the needs of BC’s music industry due to COVID-19. 

Innovation Program Budget: $300,000

  • Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis starting June 30, 2020, and ending September 30, 2020. Applications will be accepted until funds for the program are no longer available. 

    Read the Innovation guidelines before submitting an application: 

    Prospective applicants are required to fill out an online form and attach a one-page project summary using the template provided:
  • Applications will be scored by Creative BC staff according to the priorities of the program and the applicant’s capacity to deliver the project. Evaluation is competitive and comparative, based on the applications submitted and funding available. Applications will be reviewed at the end of each month. 


  • Join Creative BC staff to learn about the Innovation program and how to apply. Register for your online info session today. 

    Join us on Facebook for a live Q&A: 

    View the presentation slides for the Innovation Program:

  • If you have any additional questions, please contact:

    Francis Arevalo | Coordinator, Music
    Phone: +1 604 730 2241