Interactive Fund

Supporting the production of high-quality, original, interactive digital media projects, content and software applications owned and controlled by B.C. societies, companies or individuals.


The Interactive Fund is a program created in partnership between Creative BC and the BC Arts Council. The program is intended to support the production of high quality, original, interactive digital media projects, content and software applications owned and controlled by B.C. societies, companies or individuals. By investing in interactive digital media projects, we aim to position BC residents for promising new markets.


Applicants may be incorporated companies, non-profit societies or individual creators. An applicant company must be a company incorporated in British Columbia or Canada (whose head office is in British Columbia) with a majority of the issued common voting shares held by BC residents. A non-profit society must be incorporated under the Society Act. An individual applicant must be a BC resident.

All applicants, be it a company, society or an individual, must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria:

  • Have a history of producing, creating or experimenting with digital or screen-based media for interactive platforms, exhibitions, networks or devices; and
  • 100% of the copyright of the project being developed must be owned and controlled by the lead applicant. Exceptions may be granted where co-productions or partnerships exist demonstrating that the copyright ownership granted to the BC applicant is commensurate to the BC applicant’s financial, technical and creative contribution and control.

Applicants are limited to one application to the Interactive Fund per society, company, subsidiary, or individual.


Eligible projects should be primarily digital and interactivity should be central to all applications.

Projects should be:

For use by individuals or groups;

  • Interactive and allow users to make choices that impact their experience;
  • Educational, informative or entertaining;
  • Suitable for commercial exploitation and/or broad dissemination and
  • Intended for experience by the end user on a digital media platform, network, device that is capable of interactivity or gallery setting*.

Eligible projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital based art installations; 
  • Interactive websites;
  • Interactive narrative content;
  • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality experiences; and
  • Mobile/tablet applications and games.

Ineligible projects include:

  • Applicant website, either creating or updating a pre-existing company/society/personal or website;
  • Creating video content for streaming services (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo);
  • Productions primarily intended for broadcast (i.e. Television, Netflix) or theatrical release;
  • Projects which at the time of application are primarily intended to be convergent to previously exploited film or television production;
  • Projects with a specific corporate, industrial or mainly promotional focus; and
  • Catalogues or compilations or repurposed material, without benefit of new, value added original content.


The Interactive Fund will prioritize applications from equity seeking groups. Equity seeking groups are defined as communities that experience significant collective barriers in participating in society. This could include attitudinal, historic, social and environmental barriers based on age, ethnicity, disability, economic status, gender, nationality, race, sexual orientation and transgender status, etc.

Applicants should ensure that their support materials clearly convey the strengths of their application with respect to inclusion and diversity. Diversity can be demonstrated through geographic region, team members, genre, activity, and other means.





Before reaching out to Creative BC, we kindly ask that you review the 20/21 Interactive Fund Guidelines and the FAQ.

We will be hosting an Online Info Session in January 2021 (Date TBD). Please sign-up for our email newsletter for notifications.