Domestic Motion Picture Fund

Creative BC is thrilled that on September 14, 2020 the Province of British Columbia announced a new Domestic Motion Picture Fund. The $2M fund will be administered by Creative BC to support both development and production stage activity within the province’s domestic industry. This decision is exciting and landed at a pivotal time.
The following is an overview of key activities between the Fund's September 14th announcement and the opening of its first program. Please sign up to stay informed of the Fund’s developments, announcements and key dates.


As part of the design process for Domestic Motion Picture Fund, Creative BC is undertaking a thorough consultation process with industry to directly understand areas of need and opportunity, and to inform the design and definition of programs and funding streams.
It is critically important that we hear from a wide range of viewpoints on the proposed shape and structure of the fund, in particular, the perspectives of traditionally underrepresented groups, such as: Indigenous, Black, Persons of Colour, Persons with a Disability, individuals identifying as LGBTQ2S+, and women.
Starting November 17th, a series of hour-long Domestic Motion Picture Fund Consultation Roundtables will take place via Zoom, moderated by Creative BC. If you are interested in participating, we would like to hear from you. Please complete the following questionnaire no later than November 6th, 2020, 4:30pm PST. 

Domestic Motion Picture Fund Next Steps and Phased Activities


Phase 1: Thorough Industry Consultation Process

  • Together with the CMPA BC Producers’ Branch, Creative BC will undertake a thorough consultation process with the industry to directly understand areas of greatest need and opportunity, and to inform Creative BC’s design and definition of programs and funding streams.
  • Consultation will include working with federal and other funding partners to understand opportunities for partnership and/or leverage cycles of opportunity.
  • The consultation phase is anticipated to run for approximately six weeks
Phase 2: Program Design and Guideline Development
  • Creative BC will workshop draft guidelines with key stakeholders
  • It is anticipated this process will require an additional six weeks for completion.
Phase 3: Program Announcements, Timeline, Webinars and Roll-out
  • Creative BC will announce the program streams and a timeline of all programs within the Domestic Motion Picture Fund to be rolled out over the coming months.
  • All program openings will be supported by livestream Creative BC webinars providing guidance and detailed information on program eligibility and application process insights.
  • It is anticipated that program details will be announced by December 2020, with the first funding stream opening January 2021.