Passport to Markets - Virtual Edition Guidelines





Creative BC acknowledges the unprecedented challenges the filmmaking community is facing due to the global impact of Covid-19. This program has been specifically designed to assist producers during the pandemic.
Passports to Markets – Virtual Edition provides financial support for BC resident producers to virtually “attend” select markets, co-production conferences and exchanges for the purpose of promoting projects in development, securing broadcast sales and stimulating co-production opportunities within international and domestic markets.
Producers may apply to virtually attend both international and domestic markets, as well as pre-approved labs and training opportunities that meet the same standards and program objectives of the approved site-list. Note that the only training activities eligible are those which are components of a market or conference that the applicant is otherwise attending. Stand-alone training courses will not be considered.
This Virtual Edition program will run alongside the traditional Passports to Markets program, which will be open for markets that go ahead in person.


Producers may apply for a minimum of two market registrations. Each market registration may not exceed $500CA per person, with the total cap per person at $1,500. No more than 2 producers from any one company will be supported, making the maximum one company could receive being $3,000.
Applications will be considered from any of the following:
  • BC resident producers who have a track record in the domestic film and television industry;
  • • BC resident producers who have been pre-selected to attend a particular market site;
  • • BC residents who have experience producing domestically owned and controlled digital media content.
In the case of a competitive call for applications, preference will be given to producers who can demonstrate recent production credits (i.e. in the last two years).
BC residents include Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents who have resided in BC for at least 200 of the 365 days immediately preceding the date of application and who have filed income tax returns in BC in the taxation year prior to the date of application.
Producers with only Executive Producer, Co-Producer and Associate Producer credits are not eligible.


Only Registration Fees to attend a virtual market are considered eligible expenses.
Note that this program will consider retroactive claims for registration at virtual markets held from 1 April 2021 onwards.


Creative BC has identified the domestic and international market sites that are eligible for assistance in this fiscal year. For more information, please refer to the Passport to Markets Site List 2021-2022.
These sites include:
  • Markets and conferences that provide BC producers with significant exposure to current market intelligence; opportunities to enhance existing or establish new relationships with international broadcasters, distributors, co-producers and co-financing partners and insights and opportunities for digital media content development and planning.
  • Immersions and other initiatives designed to assist BC producers in acquiring the skills and contacts needed for the successful exploitation of their projects in an international marketplace.
Additional market sites may be considered during the year if they are deemed to meet the objectives of this program and budget permitting.


Interested producers should inform Creative BC via email of their intention to “attend” any virtual or online market in advance of their registration. Always carefully review the eligibility requirements specific to any particular market.
Some market sites, such as the American Film Market, Cannes Marché du Film or Realscreen, have an open registration with no pre-requisite or adjudication by the market organizers other than a registration fee. Other market sites are based on pre-selection by the market organizers, where the applicant must apply and be selected to attend.
In the case of pre-selected registrations, Creative BC will endeavor to support all BC-based producers selected to participate online, provided they submit a Passport to Markets – Digital Edition application within the specific time frame and meet the basic eligibility requirements of the program. However, depending on available funds, Creative BC may not be able to support all those selected and in this case, support will be allocated on a first come/first served basis.
If applications received for a market site exceed available funds allotted, decisions will be made based on eligibility of applications according to the above guidelines, the experience of the applicant and the potential benefits or opportunities afforded by attending the market or conference. Selection to a market site is not transferable to another market site or individual.
Applications are to be completed through the Creative BC online submission form.


Creative BC will reimburse the production company 100% of the eligible costs. Under normal circumstances Creative BC would not pay 100% of event registration fees, however since this is a reimbursement program, producers/the production company will have to pay in-full upfront. Applicants will only receive payment from Creative BC after the event and with proof of registration (receipt of payment).
Only producers wishing to attend two or more online events/markets are eligible. Producers wishing to attend only one event are not eligible.


After attending the market, producers will have 30 business days from the date of the last online market they virtually attended to submit a short Final Report online, including registration receipts, to Creative BC.