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Multi-Creative Industry Services

The creative industries share many synergies. The result is that together, the five industries served by Creative BC catalyze the development and sustainment of a sixth component of the sector’s ecosystem. This sixth component is comprised of many relevant industry categories that directly feed and serve the creative industries overall, but none of the businesses within it can be attributed to a single creative industry. Rather they serve multiple creative industries each. Therefore, this segment of the sector stands as its own component of the ecosystem, and CIERA measures and refers to it as Multi-Creative Industry Services.

The economic impacts of this sixth area are accurately counted within the creative industries’ impacts, as its contributions have been identified as relevant only to this sector. The Multi-Creative Industry Services are scaled by CIERA to ensure only relevant activities specific to the five creative industries served by Creative BC are captured and reported.

From agents, artists’ managers and independent writers to periodical and book wholesalers and trade agents, this fluid and agile network of companies and creators is depended on and fed by all of B.C.’s five creative industries. See a list of creative sector companies and related businesses in Creative BC’s Knowledge Hub.

Recent Impacts

CIERA™ 2021

Total GDP in B.C.

Direct Output in B.C.

Total Jobs Traditional FT + Equivalent

The Multi-Creative Industry Services Mapped Across the Sector Value Chain

These industries, classified through the North American Industry Classification System, all contribute to the business activities of more than one creative industry.

See full annual CIERA™ tables and multiple years of data here.

Research + Reports

Recent industry insights and impacts of B.C.’s creative industries.


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