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REEL Earth Day Challenge – Spring 2022 Update

In the 2022 REEL Earth Day Challenge, the BC film industry came together and raised $108,860 to support the Metro Vancouver Regional Parks. Together, with the help of sponsors and production teams, we helped fund 7 transformational projects.   The Reel Earth Day...

B.C. is the third-largest centre for music production in Canada, with a large diverse talent pool of artists, business-minded professionals, over 200+ festivals, 200+ sound recording studios and 80+ record labels. B.C.’s vast industry ecosystem is proving its value delivery not only to culture, identity and community. 

Recording in these studios are thousands of B.C.’s emerging and established artists, and supporting these activities are hundreds of industry professionals, service providers, promoters, venues,festivals, producers, agents and managers, all of whom drive B.C.’s music economy. Discoverability of B.C.’s talent and creative product is at the top of an agenda for this industry’s future success.

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CIERA™ 2020

Total GDP in B.C. (Billions)

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CIERA™ | Creative Industries Economic Results Assessment

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Associations + Organizations

Music BC

Music BC Logo

Music BC provides the BC music industry with information, education, funding, advocacy, showcasing, and networking opportunities.

First Peoples' Cultural Council (FPCC)

First Peoples' Cultural Council Details Community Consultations in Kelowna  and Prince Rupert — BC Alliance for Arts + Culture

FPCC assists B.C. First Nations in their efforts to revitalize their languages, arts and cultures with a commitment to providing communities with a high level of support and quality resources.



FACTOR - MusicYukon

FACTOR supports the production of sound recordings by Canadian musicians and helps Canadian music companies make recordings available to a wider public.

Unison Benevolent Fund

Financial Assistance | Unison Fund

Unison is a non-profit organization that provides counselling, emergency relief, and benefit programs for those in the Canadian music community who face personal or professional challenges due to hardship, illness, unemployment or economic difficulties.

Canada Council for the Arts

Canada Council for the Arts

The Canada Council for the Arts is Canada’s National Arts Funder. We fund Canadian artists and arts organizations.

SOCAN Foundation

SOCAN Foundation

SOCAN Foundation fosters, sustains, and promotes the creation of Canadian music.

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