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Creative BC funding programs drive not only the creation but the export of domestic content. The organization champions exposure of creators and their products at global markets with the intent to position domestic businesses for incremental success, as these industries are highly dependent on export sales and foreign investment. Creative BC facilitates strategic networks and positions B.C. at events and fairs where global content is exchanged.

This economy is one in which competition is growing as quickly as consumer demand for the sector’s product. For inbound and outbound trade missions in the sector, Creative BC investments support travel, hosting, networking opportunities, delegation funding, promotion, presence and participation. The intent is to build B.C.’s creative industries brand internationally, stimulate investment in the production of B.C.- based intellectual property, and support global players to establish and do business in B.C.


Music BC

Music BC Travel Grants provide assistance to B.C.-based artists to participate in touring and showcasing initiatives, and B.C.-based companies and individuals undertaking business travel activities in support of the B.C. music community.

Ministry of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation

The Ministry of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation manages government services that help support and maintain the strong and diverse economy that British Columbians need for long-term prosperity. It supports the growth of B.C.’s tech sector, champions innovation across the economy, nurtures small businesses, supports economic development throughout the province, and promotes B.C. internationally as a preferred place to invest and do business.

Trade and Invest British Columbia

Trade and Invest BC leverages the province’s extensive trade and investment experience to help organizations and investors find success doing business in British Columbia, Canada. Their teams are in Canadian embassies and consulates in cities around the world.

Canadian Heritage

Canadian Heritage and its portfolio organizations play a vital role in the cultural, civic and economic life of Canadians. Arts, culture and heritage represent more than $57 billion in the Canadian economy and close to 673,000 jobs in sectors such as film and video, broadcasting, music, publishing, archives, performing arts, heritage institutions, festivals and celebrations.

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